A Nutritionist, News and Nature's. . Am simple and straightforward person.
Texan, red-blooded Catholic Conservative American. #MAGA …..Created this a cpl of years ago, forgot about this site. But now liking it so far. Hope to meet more like minded people ! Be patient with me.
Revolutionary, ex public defender, and current leader of the free world (the position was abandoned and left vacant. I assumed it.) Any true blue red blooded Americans left in this country? We've come full circle in America, It's time for revolution. FYI: I don't support Trump/republicans/fascists or Biden/democrats/communists. I only support America, that is: the country, the constitution, my fellow citizens, and Liberty itself. When you get to the bottom of the rabbit hole, I'll be there waiting to guide you down the yellow brick road to freedom. 😎👍🏽
Just an artist residing in the Tennessee hills.
(real) environmentalist , "new" Japanese (日本人) , liberty lover , analyst ,crypto , farming enthusiast , chef with license and probably still forgetting something . *know some about occult !
This channel posts the most interesting things to keep this world as interesting as possible.
Wild Sage Ívar D. Nøkk The Boarserker
Natures and Fodies🎂, . Always up to date 📆
Jun 2021
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