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Imagine finding both love and friendship in one person..🥰all about good vibes and myself🤗💕smile always 🙈.born to be realist leader.i promise to keep you motivated,😓💪and help you achieve your dreams...I am open to receiving all the joy, abundance & love 💏this universe is flowing to me... subscribe to my channel vote up my contents,remind and comment if you want to see more💟💌fashion,travel,art,crypto, technology, photography,nature news and more..💞🤍 #much love & lunar blessings 💐 #positivequotes #reprogramyourminds #holisticwellness #loveoverfear M💡 NDS
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music lover, easy going, and recently found out he loves thai food
#eggofheaven😇🥰🥰🤑 one with God its Majority 🥰🥰🥰
Parallel account for news on fintech and digital currencies. #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #USDT #Ethereum #Binance #Doge #Shiba #XRP
Inappropriate for children and crazy leftists and the emotional equivalents. I have been in political and social hibernation for the past 20 years since I saw where social media was leading back when MySpace was a thing. My brother has always said not to poke the bear when it comes to me because I do growl and I will bite. Congratulations dipshit dems, you definitely are starting to poke the bear. You better just hope you don't get me to start biting.
a pretty girl that takes no shit
San Antonio
Dec 2021
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