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🇱🇻🐸ꑭ I'm a Latvian ultranationalist. Meme thief and fence. Member of the elite group of frogposters from Cozy Cafe and CEO of Bigot Meme Network. I take part in #MetalMonday and #GothThursday. Since 24.02.2022 I've begun to post on russo-ukrainian war. #russoukrainianwar You can also join one of my memberships or just throw some tokens my way. https://t.me/EdzhusFren https://gab.com/edzhus https://twitter.com/EdzhusFren/ https://vk.com/edzhus666 https://t.me/bigotmemenetwork https://guilded.gg/edzhus ''Sper sper Pērkoni deviņiem zibeņiem Sadedz baznīca ziliem uguņiem Nīksti dilsti sveša vara Krīti kā rudens lapa no zara.'' Skyforger - Čūsku sieviete pfp by @xpqy
location_onRiga, Latvia
This is a support group for frens interested in lifting, healthy eating, mental wellbeing, and weight loss. Share advice, memes, personal stories, workout playlists, and anything related to body and mind improvement. RULES 1. Encourage each other, don't tear each other down. 2. Keep all posts inside the frame of body and mind improvement. 3. No spamming. Nobody gives a shit about your product. 4. Disruptive members will be kicked. Use #SwoleFrenClub or #SFC when you can. We're all here for the betterment of each other, so please act like it. Group created by @blvckhelicopters Mods: @coel @megamouthgames
A group for sharing all Ethno-Nationalist propaganda infomedia. No memes, share videos from creators. This group is for sharing content people put their time in and reach more and more people with our message, not to stroke our own egos (if you create content feel free to use this group to share it though). These are the rules: only content as described above; no content that promotes division without any fundamented reason behind it; no subversive content; try to post a short summary at the very least of what the videos you share are about (no lazy posting). The rules may be subject to change if I find them insufficient, if you break any rule before it was added you will receive no punishment, but the content in question may be subject to moderation/removal. Breaking the rules once will subject all your posts to moderation; Breaking the rules twice will earn you a ban for never less than 7 days; Breaking the rules thrice will earn you a perma-ban from this group. Public Admins: Edzhus Forged in Fire
Post throwback pics of stuff you saw growing up. Anything from 1950 to Early 2000s.
The staging ground for those interested in the idea of creating a new nation comprised of multiple semi-autonomous fleets. Welcome to the Fleet. Verum ad Mare
The United States of Long Florida and Turbohio Patriotic Shitposting (both ironic and unironic) Electric Boogaloo Memes Pro-America Memes No Commies >anti communist memes are ok >sexually harassing communists is encouraged Hornt Posting is (only allowed if Patriotic) Floridaman = @tardvark Turbohioan ambassador to Long Florida = @pr3pp3rchan_official War Criminal = @Tay_Tweets_ReBorn #florida #floridaman #floridamanfridays #floridamanfriday #long_florida #ohio #turbohio #ohioman #based #merica #murica #muricafuckyeah #1776 #freedom #freedomfries #americafirst #america #donttreadonme #guns #patriot #patriots #patriotism #patriotic
Здесь можно постить все, что угодно, если это мем. You may post here everything you want exept things that are not memes!!
Reclaim our culture. Reclaim our heritage. Reclaim our birthright. Reclaim the Holy Land? Deus Vult!
The open source National Socialist Counter-Intelligence Hub. Learn to code/decode in ENIGMA. Subvert subhumanity. One Realm, One Plot, One Psyop! Rules 1) No Fedposting. http://fedposter.urbanup.com/13949294#.YGSfV3BTnpI.twitter 2) No infighting or better yet provoking it. We already have enough enemies out there. 3)No insulting the Fuhrer and/or degrading him in any way. This includes insulting or degrading the Swastika or anything National Socialist related. No one will be removed for violating any of these three rules but any attack on the group and/or its members is a reason for removal. That much is obvious! https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1263709623793324032 #nationalsocialism #1488 #divideetimpera
EDM Memes, Music Production Memes, Memes about Drugs, Memes about (drinking Glow Stick Fluid), etc... You can post Music too (as long as it's nice and weird) #edm #edmmusic #drugs #dancemusic #trancemusic #trance #house #housemusic #studio #musicproduction #synthwave #synth #popmusic #nightcore #caravanpalace #skrillex #deadmau5 #music
🍼🍼🍼Strategic Milk Reserve🍼🍼🍼 for ⚔ Kozy Kingdom ⚔ >This Group is Not Safe For Work, it's just Not...🤔 No matter how cool your job is 😄 Mark all of your NSFW posts as [Explicit]
Riga, Latvia
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Jan 2021
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