I love gaming and making content about it. Also I love make animations content.

Father, husband, friend, lover of life, passionate About photography and design. W'art Design Lisbon, Portugal Content Creator: Bitchute, Lbry.tv, YouTube. Links: https://linktr.ee/PMFL

Don't follow me if you don't want #lewds in your feed. Will tag #NSFW as required.

Volim druženje, prirodu, šetnje i jela.

I march to the beat of my own drum. Entrepreneur. Engineer. Explorer.

A fun guy in the #Philippines who likes anything #anime, mobile #gaming, and more. Unfiltered Opinions are ONLY mine and exclusive on Minds, I share my hobbies with common sense on all platforms. 🇵🇭 PH 🗨️ EN/FL/N4日本語 ♥️/🔁 Yuri/GL, Vtuber, Love Live!, Genshin, BanG Dream!, Azur Lane 🎀Ayumu💚Yuu🎙️Setsuna: Favorite LL! Trio My tag: #ProjectLoveshire

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21, Gamer who likes Anime. all images I post belong to the original artists. I could post my own but I am absolutely the worst artist in the world. also Taken by the wonderful @feistylittlekitty

I like to take photos,walk,cycling,hiking... nature is an inexhaustible sourse of inspiration for me!

Miniature painter and terrain crafter for tabletop wargames. Mostly Warhammer 40k but other games occasionally. https://instagram.com/greathouse_games?igshid=xakmhepa0d5a I played my first ever tabletop wargame in 1989. It has been in my mind since then. Picked this back up in 2019 when my friend showed me Shadow War Armageddon.

Game play broadcasts. Timelapse videos. Maybe some other things. Streaming most weekdays by 9pm MST. Times are more random on weekends. For schedule updates see my Discord server (link below). I mainly enjoy RPG and Exploration games. You won't see a lot of First-person shooters on my channel. I'm always open to game recommendations for things you'd like to see on the channel. Your support (Likes, Subscribes, Tips and Sponsorships) will help me get more games sooner. 🔆 Your support is always appreciated but never required and goes toward improving future streams with better/more games and equipment. ➾ Donations/sponsorships are displayed on screen during live streams and help defeat the STREAM BOSS. Knock out the stream boss to take the title: https://goo.gl/Wm7Vj4 ➾ Cryptocurrency Donations here: https://goo.gl/BSGSJV ‼️ Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/MQegT1 ❗️Subscribe on YouTube Gaming too! https://goo.gl/EpiWZ4 ✅ Gaming Mike's Discord server: https://discord.gg/kSqSurv

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