Eden of Abby
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A kinky side of a young woman... THANKS for the all contributors ❤️

I seek information and think for myself. I trade opportunities not because I am greedy but because I value freedom. FIX YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY: https://bit.ly/2YUCMiz Money is not evil - but People can be. Money is just saved energy for future use. Please be a big girl or boy and make your own decisions about where to put your hard earned money. I am not your mama and not your financial adviser. #Not_a_Day_Trader #Austrian_School_of_Economics #Scholar_of_Jesse_Stine #In_money_since_Lehman_Brothers_2008

I firmly believe in your freedom to say what you want, and I am willing to die for that belief. I also firmly believe that I have the right to say what I want, and I have put my life on the line for that belief. That being said, do the right thing, and respect how others feel. Just don't tell me how to think.

I am no longer interested in awakening the masses. The masses made it clear that they are not interested. I am here to connect like minds and awaken those who WANT to learn.

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Apr 2021
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