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I am a technology enthusiast. I created this channel to support content creators and projects. I endorse/boost what I like.

Im that uber driver who told you to buy bitcoin at $20k back in december 馃槀 A car enthusiast 馃殫 A blockchain enthusiast 馃捇 A newb youtuber 馃摻 馃摻 Adam Ponce https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJUQWkUhRI-D2jmUjLoOkFg 馃摻 Bad Carguys https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwhrq5tMOW4ppvhA9yKHhcg 馃悿 @6g63t 馃摲 @6g63t 馃摟 [email protected]

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Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Technology Lover, Healthy Lifestyle Practitioner.

I am the self-appointed Pontifex Maximus of Gnostic Christian #Bitcoin-ism. The Logos is a self-referential, self-similar, quasi-crystaline, geometric 9th-dimensional hyper-structure that is at the most fundamental basis of time and space; which is to say that it is time and space. I think that it is The Kingdom of Heaven Within, refered to by Jesus Christ, therefore it is the Union between Science and Christianity. It is God's Transcendent Universal Reason revealed as Enlightened Wisdom. If you cannot see with your mind's eye, you are blind. G = V(C)/T Piety without works is cuckholdry. When your government offers to help you, it's to control you. I like to call leftist ideology "Intersectional Communism", because that's what it is. It only takes 10,000 hours of effort to become a world-class level expert at something, providing you had at least some aptitude for it to start with. This can be accomplished in as little as 2 to 3 years, at 15 to 10 hours average per day. If you want it, it's there, waiting for you to take it. https://primexbt.com?signup=189773 This exchange doesn't cheat you and has a lot of great features. I have no compunction shilling its affiliate link. The whole point of money is to facilitate Capitalism, thereby, economic growth and stability: otherwise, people can simply go ahead and do things through other means. Self-confidence is good, but the wrong kind of stubborn pride is deadly. One of the functions of culture is to reduce social friction and infighting. Egoistic assholes tend to also be stupid and have low reasoning and social skills - because their attitude prevents them from learning and sharing knowledge. Assholes then tend to form cliques with other assholes and become nepotist, thus, over time society becomes culturally divided, dumbed-down, and incapable of effectively organising itself because of the in-fighting. Fascism is a centrally controlled money supply backed by "state power." When a leftist calls you racist say "Less than you because I want you all to fuck off and live in your own lands, I'm a separatist, you are a racist, otherwise you would live among your own people, not mine." The kike fiat banker hustle is to print currency, blow market bubbles, crash said markets, start a war for a distraction, loan paper currency to both sides, then charge them interest on the loans on nothing for the wars they started, in perpetuity. We don't have government, we have parasitism from top down, run by an unholy alliance between private fiat banks and the foundations and councils that hold their stock, and the puppet governments that pass any bill put in front of them and do whatever they say. Lmao. I think this is my best analogy of what socialism is, yet: "What's that? Someone cut your arm off and is running down the street with it? Ok, here's a bandaid... I'm gonna have to tax you for that tho." - Socialist who hired the guy running away with your arm. Leftism is fundamentally escapism; it's a form of ideological drug abuse. Everyone who has ever had a thought about something should appologise to your closest nearby ethnic minority for being a bigot. Through the use of a Fresnel lens, which can be manufactured for maybe a dollar out of plastic, or glass from melted sand, every person on earth could start fires to boil and clean water, cook with, make soap, harden pottery, cast metals, and convert free energy from the Sun into mechanical labor. Evil starts with a lie and a deception, then spreads among the people like a germ of ignorance: its cure is knowledge. To look outwardly but never within is to miss out on an entire universe. The key to trading is to develop the self-discipline of not acting on immediate instinct: A little extra patience usually translates into a lot of extra profit. Evil is a glitch: a possible volitionality made by a being with freewill. Nonetheless, it most often results from a being's mistaken _IDENTIFICATION_ with an illusionary separation constructed from the being's false abstractions, thereby trapping itself in a cycle of Kharmic suffering. Therefore: it is most often the correct decision to show such a being compassion via speaking forth Logos so that, in such a being, via the logos, this truth may be revealed. "'Space-time' is like a measure of boxes containing quantum doughnuts." - Me It appears to me that what makes Logos unique is that it's logically consistent and self-referential while also accurately describing then predicting reality; its structure is holographic and non-temporal, thus: the full Logos is potentially extrapolatable from any starting point of space-time. I think it's fair to say that some aspects of the Logos have scientific and mathematic properties. Logos is the mind of God. Logical consistency is how God's mind works, therefore: God is Good. God mak

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