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Brief But Interesting Movie Clips From Different Kinds Of Movies

I'm just passingby cosplayer/gamer/streamer who follow the hero's rule.

David Icke .com Worldwide Freedom Rally .com

'Kindly remember: the ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of my making.'

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I Won't Be Silenced! #Veteran #MAGA #PROGUN #PROBACON #ProAmerica #IFBAP... If You're Easily Offended, Let Me Know So I Can Poke Fun At You! Visit My Store At get something awesome for you and a friend! #ifbap #maga #ultramaga #usa #kag #fjb #lgb #lgbfjb #fjblgb Subscribe To My #YouTube Channel At: THE FOUR TRUTHS I KNOW! 1. THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS. 2. WIVES ARE ALWAYS RIGHT, EVEN WHEN THEY AREN'T. 3. #FREEDOM ISN'T FREE. 4. THE SECOND AMENDMENT PROTECTS THE OTHERS AND WILL 🚫 NOT 🚫 BE INFRINGED. OH, And Biden (Brandon), Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and "Cameltoe" Kamala are the disease infecting America. And liberals are idiots. #secondAmendment #prolife #progun #freedomofspeach

Mostly post non-traditional art - none of it my own. I try to post the name of the artist with each piece. I like alternative, free speech media and try to provide content outside the norm to widen the scope a bit to lure more users away from the social media giants. I generally ignore private messages from anyone I don’t already know pretty well. Public comments should suffice.

I’m a cosplay seamstress, gamer, anime lover & vender of free range, organic memes...

I talk about games, sports, tech, memes, and occasionally Human Rights. Pls no bully

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Jan 2021
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