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Steve and Linda, Prisoncast, sometimes serious, sometimes crazy, sometimes looney, sometimes political, sometimes heart-moving, sometimes mindless, sometimes personal, sometimes hilarious. Always entertaining! The original music is always off the hook. ;)) Support us! gf.me/u/zkhptn subscribestar.com/prisoncast paypal.me/multidex

Firstly, I do my own stunts. Socially awkward. Got lyme's disease in the military. Have Bells Palsy and DPDR just to name a few issues. My life is complete hell because I have a fight or flight response that doesn't turn off. I'm basically homeless because of it. I spend a lot of time in the desert. I can't hold down a job. I make music and travel to cope with my life. I drink. Looking for travel companions and beautiful women. When I say beautiful I mean the soul. I'm sick of bullshit materialistic and shallow people.

This Channel Is Dedicated To All Things In Relation To The Infamous Planet X

kind hearted person and God fearing for with God nothing is impossible 🙏🏾

Nature always win. Creator of art🌴

Welcome To Our Humble Little Channel Here On MINDS

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Knowledge and photography in a different style

I aim for greater achievement

Jan 2020
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