- Cinematics - I'm a crazed creative type 'lol' who believes in a people frenzy of music and other creative outlets. Indie Filmmaker, depth-charged detonator of video Contact Cedric at: [email protected]
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We're developing open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs online for free. http://opensourceecology.org/

News and articles from the world of modern synthesizers.

www.peoplesaymusic.com.... but this is my off grid diary... my mind.

I am an an Ambassador for the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty and a Multidimensional Being here as a conduit of Unconditional Love. I share this love through multiple healing modalities that include sound alchemy, breath work, aromatherapy, crystals, light and touch. I walks an ecstatic path of immeasurable love and service to all to raise the vibration of the collective to higher frequencies while Inspiring and empowering others to seek inner truth. You can find out more about me and my purpose here http://www.tribeofawakeningsovereignty.com/

Angelic Emissary, Intuitive Empath, Motivator, Instrument of Love, Creator & Artist, and Lover of Life!

We are a family run food production company. We grow as much of our own produce as possible to use in our (no microwave) hearty home cooking. We sell our products and preserves from our mobile kitchen at events and markets around the north island of New Zealand. Ye arr what ye eat! #Realfood #Piratefoodcompany

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Wellington NZ
Jul 2015
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