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Objectivity over subjectivity. I am not a cynic or an optimist, I am a realist. Faith and hope are nothing but foolish, knee-jerk, responses to the unknown.
Johan Troch; born June16,1966, started in 1983 with Last Journey as a singer-guitar player. They were strongly influenced by the music and spirit of Joy Division and Cocteau Twins, that also influenced a lot of bands in Europe during the “Cold Wave” scene in the early eighties. But still they managed to create their own identity. Last Journey had a quite difficult existance, so it resulted with only one single on a compilation album, released in 1985. They were support-acts for several New-Wave and Rock bands who were hot during the mid-eighties. In ’86 the band split up, and after two sabbatical years, he began writing songs again to go further on his own. This far he released one song album on iTunes/Bandcamp and a handful of singles. And also four instrumental albums, only in digital form. Johan Troch has his own digital download label Adagio Productions. Troch also did some contributions to ballet-dancers and dance-groups with music on their videos. He usually work alone, but Last Journey drummer Ivan Heyninck did some productions in the past. In 2013 he worked together with composer/producer Peter Every from Coventry. In that same year he also contrubuted on Pieter Nooten's album 'Haven'. For his latest album 'The Enlightened' he appealed to the collaboration of Eric Hopton, Steve Dillard and Tom O'Bedlam. On January, 24, 2016 Johan released his sixth instrumental album on Bandcamp.com "Infinite Distances" This album contains samples from Robert Fripp, Brudo Sanz, Alexander Naumov, Achim Behrens, Dan Oberbauer, Eric Hopton, Ulisse Garnerone, Tim Kahn, Sub-D and David Flood. Drums by Jim Dooley.
Most of what I post is of my own creation. I rarely select the particular medium of expression until that idea has already sprung from my transcendent Mind. Local issues of sustainability are very important to me, because I live in the same Mississippi River region that my first colonist ancestors settled over 300 years ago. Politicians, especially those from the so-called 'legal' profession, deserve the brunt of my acerbic wit, and so will be often hit, with fresh and fetid bags of rhetorical SHIT! I am the Man that you Dream in your Meme! I am UAnon. http://www.neworleanshosts.com
Helping you achieve balance and take control of your personal experience, we are committed to beauty, truth, and living lives we love deeply.
Bernie Sanders For President 2016. Minds Dank Meme Stash.
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