Libertarian activist since the late 1980s. Very frustrated about how the world is turning into a fascist nightmare... I'm polyglot - I speak and write fluent English, French and German. I'm also proficient in Italian. I love traveling and have been to over 50 countries, so far. I love debating intelligent people. I support individual and economic liberty as the only viable and decent way to arrange society. A person's liberty should only be restricted to prevent direct harm to the person or property of others - or the threat thereof. I hate statism and all ideologies that try to oppress and control other human beings. Socialism in all its forms, be it Communism, Nazism (National Socialism), Fascism or Social Democracy, is one of the most evil inventions, ever, surpassed in evil only by Islam, which totally destroys the mind of its followers. Anyone who believes in a "prophet" who committed robbery, rape, slavery, murder, torture, pedophilia and told his followers to believe his idiotic verses while rejecting reason, art, music and games doesn't deserve any respect. If you hate Jews, don't even think of contacting me - I can't stand antisemitic morons. Jews contributed massively to the progress of humanity. Note that my appreciation doesn't stop me from criticizing Jews I disagree with, ideologically. I still judge all people as individuals. My religious Jewish friends accept the fact that I'm atheist. As do my Christian, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist friends. I don't care if you are religious as long as your religion doesn't tell you to kill me because I'm not a believer. I don't care what race you are either, as long as you don't hate me because I'm white. Never even try to tell me that it is wrong to be white. Or that I should express guilt for being white. I have a few choice words for such people - they are true racists, especially if they pretend to be anti-racist, but really just mean anti-white. I don't hate people for who they are - I'm not into identity politics. I believe that every individual must be judged by his or her own values and actions. But I'm very much aware of cultural differences and I will say very clearly when people misbehave based on their culture and I have no problem with objective facts that are politically incorrect. Don't like those facts, prove them wrong. If a group of people persists in behaving badly, then I will reject members of that group until they prove that they don't share in that group's values and behavior. I hate parasites. I can't stand grievance politics. If you're a feminist who thinks women are oppressed in western countries but who defends Islam, get lost - you clearly don't have the absolutely minimal IQ required to have a half-way intelligent debate. The same applies if you pretend to be an atheist and hate Christianity, but support Islam. That makes you anti-Christian, not Atheist. And if you're a communist, then Communism is your religion, so you're definitely not an Atheist. I only believe in what can be objectively established. I don't believe in any "consensus". What's true and proven doesn't require a consensus. The second someone talks about "consensus" or refers to some "authority", it means he can't back up his beliefs with hard facts. It's that simple. If you disagree with anything I said, then either politely debate the issue or keep the hell away from my page.

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Professional comedian over 20+ years. Opened shows for Bill Burr, Tracy Morgan, Jim Norton, Greg Giraldo. Featured on best of 'Bob & Tom' syndicated radio show, now doing political commentary vids.

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We are in world war 3, so far it`s a soft war . The casualties are piling up....Female who used to live a long way from home. Came back home as the plandemic started. Now relocated as politicians have turned the country I was born in into a shithole.... Anti war, Anti Globalism and fed up with with lying politicians, lying mainstream media and lying elites of the world. Above average interested in politics, geopolitics, exposing corruption in government and so called elites, exposing abuse and murder among the rich and powerful and all their human trafficking, warmongering and gunrunning. Actually I would love to see them all hang from a lamp pole on a saturday at noon. I`d bring good food, bubbles and make a picnic out of it ! With that said...I am a calm and reasonable person :-) Spend time learning and growing food. Does anyone believe that Norway is a democracy? I guess it might be but democracies only work for the 51% Norwegian politicians say one thing in the election campaign and do something completely different as soon as they are elected. This is repeated every four years in an endless cycle of trickery and broken election promises. You decide. Time to wake up #thegreatawakeningworldwide #justsayno #unitednoncompliance #mother #wife #nurse #friend #realist #daydreamer. #COVID19 TONY PANATALLERESCO 2020/07/26 THE FAKERY OF THE CENTURY & MORE... 47 mins Tony Pantalleresco is a canadian natural health practitioner. Knowlegde in many fields, science, logic and reason #tonypantalleresco #covidhoax #education #bribery #governments ΝYC ΙCU DR with nothing to gain shares INCREDIBLE insight... #news #covid19 #oxygendeficiency #ventilators #cameronkylesidell The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you've heard all month! (..kinda) 57 mins #coronavirus #5G #vaccines #viralpneumonia #covid19 FROM NYC ICU: DOES COVID-19 REALLY CAUSE ARDS??!! #breaking #news #covid19 #ventilators #ards Here’s what you need to know about a COVID-19 cytokine storm #coronavirys #cytokinestrom #explained #immunesystem #obesity We have been, and are, being lied to !! Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted #covid19 #fauci #newenglandjournalofmedicine Real World or Simulation #amazingpolly #elmhursthospital #fakenewsmedia #depopulationagenda #news HOW THE WORLD IS RUN ---------------------------------------- THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (10) 19 mins Part 10: THE RETURN OF THE KING Bitchute THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (9) Part 9: THE DAWN OF A NEW WORLD Bitchute THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (8) Part 8: BEYOND KINGS & QUEENS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (7) Part 7: WITCHES & WARLOCKS Bitchute THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (6) 17 mins Part 6: MAJOR MEDIA MANIPULATION THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT CHILDREN, ART AND PIZZA (5 / 10) 19 MIN(S) THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (4) 16 mins Part 4: CHILDLOVERS EVERYWHERE Bitchute THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (3) Part 3: THE ALIEN INVASION 16 mins Bitchute THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (2) Part 2: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE 15 mins Bitchute THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... The Fall of the Cabal (1) 13 mins Bitchute THE OLIGARCHY, THE NEW COLD WAR AND THE SMART GRID [90MIN] Americas warcrimes THE CREATION OF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE TRUST Understand fiatcurrency and how the world works in four minutes ILLUMINATI & NEW WORLD ORDER HISTORY AND AGENDA 9 mins How the world is run US House Rep Cynthia McKinney Exposes Human Trafficking, 911 and Missing Billions By The Government WHAT IS THE GOAL OF GLOBALISM, AND WHAT DRIVES IT? 3,5 mins JORDAN MAXWELL YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS WORTH $$$$$ BENEDICT LEADS HOLY SEE, FRANCIS LEADS VATICAN, QUEEN STILL CONTROLS US W/ ANNA VON REITZ (1OF2) BENEDICT LEADS HOLY SEE, FRANCIS LEADS VATICAN, QUEEN STILL CONTROLS US W/ ANNA VON REITZ (2OF2) SANTOS BONACCI EXPOSES THE BANKING SYSTEM Owned by Rotschilds, Windsors and Rockefellers Vinnie Paz ft. Block McCloud - End of days (with lyrics). Citizen versus living man #bloodlines #elites #power #juanosaven #mcallistertv Part1 #bloodlines #elites #power #juanosaven #mcallistertv Part2 ------------------------------------------------- Protecting yourself - #geoengeneering #haarp #nanobots #morgellons #cfr Richplanet TV - The Human Mutilation Cover Up FULL MOVIE Resonance: Beings of Frequency (FULL DOCUMENTARY) Statesponsored terrorism _ Ole Dammegård Americans will be starved into submission Statesponsored terrorism _ Ole Dammegård Ole Dammegard Update: 9/11 op "Sea Eagle" exposed and NATO/Gladio's false flag backbone broken. David Icke Everything You Need to Know About Conciousness But Have Never Been Told David Icke Banned TED Talk: The Science Delusion - Rupert Sheldrake at TEDx Whitechapel Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK 9/11 WHISTLEBLOWERS: KEVIN RYAN The plan to save the world Demons in the Deep State w/Carl Gallup The amazing secrets of time-Documentary ---------------------------------------------------- GRANDSOLARMINIMUM WE ARE LOOSING OUR HELIOSPHERE. THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified Food Shortages Now: How to Prepare? Dr. Anita Bailey's COLD TIMES: Preparing for Mini Ice Age Iceagefarmer-Economic Collapse 2020: Cosmic "Perfect Storm" cause Rising Food Prices David DuByne on SGTReport Global food collapse Dr. Anita Bailey, author of "COLD TIMES: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age" Dr. Anita Bailey, author of "COLD TIMES: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age" joins Christian for a discussion of what she is seeing on the ground in the Ozarks and hearing from fellow farmers and ranchers in the area. Craig Simpson from Radiant Creators and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 discuss preparing your mind, body and spirit as our societies move into the intensifying Grand Solar MinimuPart 1 of 4 Craig Simpson from Radiant Creators and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 discuss preparing your mind, body and spirit as our societies move into the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum Part 2 of 4 Craig Simpson from Radiant Creators and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 discuss preparing your mind, body and spirit as our societies move into the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum Part 3 of 4 CLIMATE MANIPULATION/Climate Change What`s ahead of us with Lee Wheelbarger-Grandsolarminimum FOOD SYSTEM COLLAPSING ACTIVELY, RAPIDLY -- URGENT WARNING Climate Forcing - Our future is cold COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified What Can We Do To Expose And Halt Geoengineering? 4 mins What Is 3 mins Why Are The Environmentalists Not Speaking Out? Why Haven't Scientists Come Forward? Why Is The EPA Not Speaking Out? Is There Proof That Geoengineering Has Already Been Deployed? Can The Government Legally Conduct Geoengineering Health Consequences Of Geoengineering. Environmental Consequences Of Geoengineering Why are they geoengeneering ? Who Is Behind Global Geoengineering? Drought, Fires, Deluge: The New World Order Wildfires and Hurricanes are all part of climate manipulation US Navy Offensive Biological Warfare "Training" Video Is Beyond Shocking #climateengeneering #chemtrails #nanoparticles #health #geoengeneering Peter Kirby: The New Manhatten Project : Weather Manipulation TheDimming. climateengeneering documentary in the making ---------------------------------------------------- 5G / Wireless Radiation MINDBLOWING If you stick with this till the end you will be awakened, either you want t or not.... New 5G Insights and Revelations Reversing 5G in 2020 Lena Pu Interview #health #microwaveradiation #metals #5G #stratosphericaerosolinjection 5G APOCALYPSE - THE EXTINCTION EVENT by Sasha Stone The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation w/Dr Devra Davis 5G Apocalypse.Theextinction event.Sasha Stone ................................................................ Health Mobile phones and health: is 5G being rolled out too fast? The epidemic of chronic disease and understanding epigenetics | Kent Thornburg Learn Their Plan.Truth will bring trauma and empowerment with Deborah Tavares Learn Their Plan - "Time is Almost Over" w/ Deborah Tavares (2of2) -------------------------------------------------- NATIONALISM DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY WHY DEMOGRAPHICS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL ISSUE TODAY 4 mins Red Ice Tv Antiwhiteagenda Red Ice Tv ARRESTED & DEPORTED FROM NORWAY FOR THOUGHT CRIMES - GREG JOHNSON Who we are - Jared George Identitypolitics the dirty game we must play The Iconoclast Open season on white people James Allsup "DIVERSITY" IS A WEAPON AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE THE WAR ON WHITES IS REAL Red Ice Tv WHITE DNA IS AN "ABOMINATION" Red Ice Tv HOW THE WEST ENDS Hard times are coming-Red Ice TV ..................................................... VACCINES THE CDC IS ACTUALLY A VACCINE COMPANY – ROBERT F KENNEDY JR 13 mins ALL ABOUT THOSE VACCINES [2H] Truthstreem Media Documentary on vaccines w/Andrew Wakefield ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. BREAKS HIS SILENCE For Vaccine Injury and Vaccine Rights | HighWire Radio Measles, Masterminds & Millions Part 1 of 2 w/Corey`s Digs Measles, Masterminds & Millions Part 2 of 2 w/Corey`s Digs -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- SCIENCE COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified Sarah Westall : Massive blasts hitting earth w/Dani Arnold McKenny --------------------------------------------- POLITICS The Samson Option explained UN plans to control your life The trinity of globalist control Martial courts United States Amendments 2018 ----------------------------------------------- Paypal / Mastercard / Banks WILLIAM STUART ON THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING CABAL Wars for the profit of the private central bankers ................................................. GLOBAL ELITES SECRETS The truth about law We are living in the matrix Amazing Polly Who owns you #cityoflondon #vaticancity #washingtondc #sovereincitystates #thecrown RARE 1967 RECORDING ROTHSCHILD DYNASTY AND THE THREE WORLD WARS Trump Takes Slings & Arrows For America Who Legally Owns You, the Country, & Your Assets w/ John Singleton There are 8 organisations in this world, that run EVERYTHING Know More News-Epstein, Wexner & Bronfman Blackmail Rings SGTreport_Why is the Queen Funding The Clinton Crime Syndicate? Secret societies-Black eyed club Back in time Sarah Westall The endgame. With Deborah Tavares Part3 Sarah Westall The endgame. With Deborah Tavares Part2 Sarah Westall The endgame. With Deborah Tavares Part1 It's Time For The People To Come Together To Go After The Real Enemy:Greg Mannarino 5 Things We Know about Ideological Subversion #NWO #MKUltra ge of DECEIT (Part 7) - SECRET base in CA, Manson and "Wonderland Murders" Age of DECEIT (Part 6) - Hypnotism, Hollywood, CULTS, Black Magik Sigils and Spells Age of DECEIT (Part 5) - Hive Mind, Neuralink, Black Eyed Kids, Reptilian Eyes, Human Hybrids Age of DECEIT (Part 4) - Clones, Synthetics, LEBENSBORN Breeding Program, Montauk, Delta Waves Age of DECEIT (Part 3) - War on Human Males, MKultra "Host" Bodies, Genetic Hybrids, Synthetics Age of DECEIT (Part 2) - TRANSagenda, Celebrity TWINS, Breeding Program, CEO's, Royalty Age of DECEIT (Part 1) - TRANSagenda + Breeding Program (Intro, Royals, Aristocracy, Celebrities) Arkansas Swamp Part II: Spotlight on Clinton Foundation | Corey's Digs Crazy Days and Nights Tracy Beanz Crazy Days and Nights Tracy Beanz (youtube) Political Pedophilea. An Open source investigation James Corbett You funded the secret space progra 1 of 2 Catherine Austin Fitts You funded the secret space progra 2 of 2 Catherine Austin Fitts -------------------------------------------- Communism/Marxism in Europe Polish analyst on the real nature of the EU and it`s communist roots and ambitions ------------------------------------------ Pedophilia/Satanic Abuse The royal scandal of the century part 2 The royal scandal of the century part 3 Part 3 PizzaGate / PedoGate The UnAnswered Questions Documentary Part 2 PizzaGate / PedoGate The UnAnswered Questions Documentary. #PizzaGate / #PedoGate - The UnAnswered Questions Documentary - Part 1 Sexualabuse committed by british politicians Sarah Westall-PopeFrancis-Stripped of power David Icke.Royal Political Paedophiliea Desmond is amazing.The Party Monster-Childabuse Desmond is amazing-Being drugged-Childabuse Legendary-satanic rituals, sexual abuse, infant murder and cannibalism ------------------------------------------ History NASA Europa.The last battle part 1 Europa.The last battle part 2 Europa.The last battle part 3 Europa.The last battle part 4 Europa.The last battle part 5 Europa.The last battle part 6 Europa.The last battle part 7 Europa.The last battle part 8 -------------------------------------------- Religion Genetic manipulation and cloning in ancient texts - Sarah Westall According to Mauro Biglino the word god is not mentioned in the bible. The bible is not a theology book, it`s not a religious book. It talks about genetic engeneering and cloning.Sarah Westall ----------------------------------------------- JUDAISM #ryandawson #owenbenjamin #zionists #jews #israel PUTIN, KGB, CHABAD, & MOSSAD THE ZIONLST PEACE PROBLEM Criminal Questions Holocaust Defamation . Full movie History of the ADL Gods chosen people - Documentary Noahide Laws, Kabbalah, & the One World Religion Yossi Gurvitz: When Israel Is Mighty --------------------------------------------------- Migration Rape by migrants Red Ice Tv Borderless - Lauren Southern UN migration plan - Norway Human rights versus migrant rape epidemic Pat Condell The terrible truth about the UN migration plan UN MIGRATION PLAN Stefan Molyneux

"All bourbon is whisky but all whisky ain't bourbon!" "Try this! It's smoooth!" BillsMafia!!! I'm a fan of Anthony Cumia (Compound media), Gavin McInnes (, and Alex Jones (Infowars) Proud of your boy! "Now is not the time to give up more freedom. It's time to start taking our freedom back!" Hillary for prison! Trump 2024!!!

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The cost of a thing is the amount of life required to be exchanged for it. - Thoreau

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