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You are here to free yourself. To Know the Truth, first you must know the lie. We find ourselves in the big lie, where society, culture, education, government, religion and the media are all not only severely corrupted, but there is an evil force here that is hellbent on destroying humanity and our entire ecosystem, as we can see every day around us. How do you explain GMOs, chemtrails, medicines that kill you, wars of aggression, environmental disasters and so many angles and levels of destruction? You may ask, “What am I doing here!?” “Why am I having to live in such a corrupted, violent, evil society?” Because it is the big lie, and you are here to experience and learn all about it. You are here to find the holes in the net, to see through this matrix of illusions; to find the way to perceiving this matrix for what it actually is; to see the Truth behind the illusions and deceit. We have all been programmed since birth to believe the great lie to be the true reality. Family, society,religion, culture, the media, state schools, science and many more tentacles have all programmed us from every angle. So we are caught in the big lie. The vast majority of people can’t see that they are trapped in a big lie, and many will attack those that try to expose it. For many people, they are here just to experience the big lie. Not everyone is here to awaken. Remember: Love and Forgiveness.

Introduction Disclaimer All the posts you are about to see are made from my research. I make no guarantee of the accuracy any more than any other who reads a lot and does their best to sort out the information. Never take anyone's word over your own research even mine. I presented this information as graphics when possible in hopes that more people, then otherwise would, will read it. I believe we are in serious danger. America is the last bastion of freedom; If we do not stand against the leftist globalists, we are going to find ourselves in a world none will like. Socialism always fails, when they run out of other people's money to steal, and they always do. It is the historical way of socialism. When it fails it rains chaos, starvation, violence, and death. Leaders espousing Marxists beliefs are responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in the last century — Far more than Nazi Germany or any other 20th century authoritarian regime. As Americans it is our job to stop them, as it has been throughout history.

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