Covers & Others Music Podcast (Matthew the K)

The CD List Guy is working on a mostly-covers music podcast called "Covers and Others." He hopes to bring more obscure versions of less than obscure songs to tens of people nationwide! Already hired to do the DJ duties is the also obscure Matthew the K, who will regale all with song trivia and dumb jokes.
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I take photos of interesting people and places, and I interview folks with good stories. Photography & podcast:

Hello! Me and my wife just started a scary story video series! Check it out in my posts below. If you would like to hire me for audio services:

Making music is what I love. I spend a lot of time on observing which I then transform into sound. My creations are #ambient #atmospheric #soundscapes with #drone elements. > listen: don't be afraid · make choices · be present · r e c o n n e c t

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Agririan, thinker about nature, off course follow back....🌚

Retired Trail Walker and Reader of Novels

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Jul 2018
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