Type-moon, Souls, vidya, anime, extremist positions, other garbage. Funnier than the average tard.

Gen z / America first 馃嚭馃嚫 / Nationalist Conservative I am your average gringo Post some funny shitpost little bit of a degenerate/ Video games 馃幃/ Anime / PC Master Race God Bless America馃馃嚭馃嚫馃

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Enough aliases to make a phone book. Vidya, Music, and many other things, free the anime tidd. FGO, Priconne, soon to be the BB Gacha. Lewds will be posted. Xbox/PC/DC

Dark Tooth's New Driver. Connoisseur of Anime Girls with Burgers. Fig Collector. Cultured Individual. Account is 馃敒

Quoth The Raven *posts cute anime girls* | Also just opened this because why not

Banned from bird app FGO NA Friend Code: 560,958,522 Not really active on here, follow me on instead

Nyahallo. I like anime, Vtubers and Rin Tohsaka. I may talk about politics sometimes. All art I post ain't mine. Formerly blocked by Mundanematt and Nick fuentes on twitter.

BroKENMan. I love my wife ST AR-15. Update: I shouldn't have to clarify this. I don't like loli, and I don't like the actions of people who are false reporting. You cannot put in enough work online to make me hate you, and the only groups of people I would generally dislike are the ones that openly hate mine.

Stranded on the Shores of Hell, and the only way out is through. #RipAndTear #FightLikeHell 鉁濓笍馃彺鈥嶁槧锔

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