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Boost is the native ad market of Minds where users promote their content with cash, credits from Minds+ or Pro, or tokens earned by creating engaging content. Minds has rewarded the community with hundreds of millions of views.

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Minds Boost
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Choose a goal

Different advertisers have different goals. You choose whether your Boost should be optimized for reach, engagement, clicks, or subscribers.

Launch a campaign

Automate your content promotion by using a Boost campaign. Set your own budget, choose the length of time to promote the content and decide what audience you would like to target. We'll handle the rest!

What can I Boost?

You can Boost both your own and other people's content, channels, and groups. Or Boost a question with a community Supermind to get real responses from the Minds community.

Earn revenue as a partner

Publishers that drive pageviews earn 50% of revenue from Boosts that serve on their channels and content. Also earn 45% of Boost sales that you refer with the Affiliates Program.

More about Boost

Provide liquidity for free promotion

Minds Token liquidity providers are rewarded with Boosted ad space relative to their % of the liquidity pool on Uniswap.

Use tokens to get views

Every day, Minds distributes tokens to users through the engagement rewards system and community Superminds, which convert into views for the community.

Explore Boosts

Many creators on Minds use Boost to reach new audiences. See what people are Boosting today.

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