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goofy father of six who loves making odd lumpy bug-eyed characters

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Professional comedian over 20+ years. Opened shows for Bill Burr, Tracy Morgan, Jim Norton, Greg Giraldo. Featured on best of 'Bob & Tom' syndicated radio show, now doing political commentary vids.

Michael Brent Talpas
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Just some guy on the internet As YouTube becomes increasingly censorious, I have taken to copying my comments there into posts here on Minds in order to preserve a record of the fallen. These comments may be accurate, inaccurate, stupid, witty, pithy, etc., but they are my thoughts. Get your own, if you don't like them. I comment because I want to understand. I am not a shitposter. Nothing against them, they are entertaining. I just don't do that. If I ask a question, it's because I want the answer. I wouldn't have asked, if I didn't. I'll be honest about it. There are things I don't care about, and no amount of abuse is going to make me care about them. If that bothers you, then ignore me. Block me, mute me, anyway you want me, as long as I don't have to hear you, baby, it's alright.

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The cost of a thing is the amount of life required to be exchanged for it. - Thoreau

Feb 2020
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