Homeschooling mom, trying to find my way through a weird period of time!
I'm Slappo baby!
Homeschool mom posting content about homeschooling. Thanks for checking out my channel. Have an excellent day! Content exclusive to Minds, because big tech sucks! @neanderloid is my other account.
De-Programming the Matrix one battery at a time. See A Different View of the World
70% memes, 20% hot takes, 10% scientific gibberish. I'm a moderate refugee from the culture war of the left. Here to meme, drop truth about big pharma, and joke about the screwed up state of the world. Happy to debate anything, even just to play devil's advocate for fun or explore a concept. 😎👍🏽
Nov 20,2019: comments blocked. AGAIN BLOCKED, and un-blocked: 15 May 2019 from making comments( 20May2019 - now errors appear forcing going back to beginning) [harrassing] 7/23/21 - being censored yet again, can not respond to posts. per other people's posts on minds; still able to post new material. Images blocked also. 2/18/2020 - blocked in places.
Welcome. I post original photos, and frequently trigger emotional thinkers. I love liberty, dirt roads, big trees and old books. Not a real Libertarian. Just a hillbilly with a WiFi connection; take my opinion for what it’s worth. Homeschooler. Christian. INTJ. Have a nice day! You’re awesome! End the Fed! HODL and stack. Not into politics? I get it. I have other content: @homeschoolkitchen for cooking and homeschool posts or @upcyclistfurniture for salvage builds and other stuff
Sep 2021
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