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Would it Be Advisable for you to have A Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

dennissmith0408Sep 7, 2018, 1:29:49 PM

Definitely! You should apply for a medical marijuana card to be on the safe side and to have better access to marijuana. That said, it is not as easy as it sounds neither is it rocket science (so don’t panic). You are well aware that getting a medical marijuana card is mainly because you have a chronic disease or you have tried other methods of treatment but none seems to work and marijuana is the best option you are left with right?

The laws of Florida dictate that one has to be validated by a licensed medical marijuana doctor before receiving the card. This is to ensure that not anyone can apply for the card or lawfully use weed for recreational purposes. So yes, if you need the medical marijuana card in Florida, talk to a certified medical marijuana doctor to get the approval.

How Do You Go About It?

First things first, you must be of the right age and that is from 18years and above. You should be a resident in Florida with a Florida I.D and if you do not have, you should have any other I.D to show your identity or a passport. You must also have something to show that you live in Florida either a utility bill or a bank statement to show your address.

After that verification, you have to get the approval from your doctor. There are a few conditions that will not necessarily require you to get the doctor’s approval which are cancer, glaucoma and HIV/AIDS. These conditions automatically get you the medical marijuana card.

A certified marijuana doctor’s approval is necessary and required in other medical conditions like epilepsy, pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, diabetes, hepatitis c and other chronic conditions. In most instances, the doctor has to provide previous medical records that indicate you have been using other methods of treatment and now the doctor is recommending marijuana as treatment to your ailment.

Your doctor will also have to show in his recommendation that the risks of using marijuana as a treatment are much less than the benefits you are going to get from it. Applying a medical marijuana card in Florida might seem like a lot of work but trust me, you need it and you should definitely apply because of the benefits that come with it. Let me give you some reasons why you should have this card.


Of course this is an issue. Medical marijuana is legalized and therefore you cannot get into trouble with authorities when you purchase it with your card or you are found smoking, you can simply produce your card. If you do not have the card and you are found smoking marijuana, it will not matter if you have a medical condition or not, you will simply be charged and that is something no one wants to happen to them. So do the right thing for yourself and get a medical marijuana card to be on the safe side of the law.

Comfort, Safety and Peace of Mind

Using a medical marijuana card is much safer for you than buying from a random person. Medical marijuana has gone through a number of tests to ensure there are no harmful substances infused in it. It is also grown in a way that does not allow it to mix with other substances that are unfit for human consumption. Most unscrupulous dealers in drugs infuse other harmful substances to their weed and this could drastically affect your health so like I said the card is totally worth it!

CBD Concentration

The CBD concentration in medical marijuana is pretty high to ensure you get all the benefits of this treatment. CBD works tremendously in treating most of these conditions and it being in the strains makes it all the more better. CBD is very effective in regulating pain and seizures and thus making medical marijuana a good treatment option for you than most pharmaceuticals.

These are just some of the reasons why you should get a medical marijuana card. There is a lot to be thankful for considering the medical marijuana card in Florida since it has such great benefits to you and it is not so hard to acquire as long as you are eligible to get one. Do not deny yourself the chance to try out this type of treatment if you have a chronic disease that has been eating you up for a long time. Get the card and observe the changes you have every day especially with pain (you deserve to feel better and live a painless life).