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I'm 100% conservative and I give the same respect I receive . I was formally on minds.....#maga

Yes I'm a proud Conservative Woman and I Respect everyone's opinions as long as they Respect mine!

Okay so I'm new here on this app and i have to admit i have no idea what it is about so you're welcome to help.. My Instagram handle Reggy775..

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Posting today's news and related spicy memes. Always open to discussion with liberals. Just come prepared. I am not a Russian bot My groups: Cord Cutters MAGA MEMES Breaking 911 Not Tired of Winning Drain the Swamp

Are you willing to stand under Christs banner! “He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” Luke 22:36 To us in the KTI, it is clear that, faced with the resurgence of fundamentalist Islam, there has never been a more urgent need for a Legal yet militant Order that is ready, willing and able to confront these various anti-Christian forces – in the realms of ideas, organisation and spiritual preparation for the just resistance we as Christians must show. That is not to say that we are bloodthirsty fanatics with an unreasoning hatred of all Muslims. We remember well that our medieval forebears did indeed enter into mutually respectful and constructive dialogue with principled and chivalrous opponents such as Saladin – from a position of ready strength. Remember, the terrorist Muslims come from only one (unfortunately very powerful and well-funded) sect of their religion. Many others fight by our side against the Wahhabi fanatics. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. Particularly through our diplomatic work in Syria, we have developed close relationships with the indigenous Christians of the Holy Land and through them with many truly moderate Muslims, of both Shia and Sunni persuasions. Rather than viewing them all as enemies, we therefore seek to undermine the simplistic arguments of corporate and vested interest warmongers, who would have us all at each other’s throats in a ‘Clash of Civilisations’ which is also the ultimate goal of the Jihadis. Wahhabi Islam is not a civilisation but an ideology of political violence, which has only become the threat it is today thanks to cynical attempts to manipulate terror by various powerful people who should have known better. Now the monster of Apocalyptic Jihad has been unleashed, it can only be defeated by superior ideas and by force of arms, and in both cases the main role must be played by other Arab Muslims. As Western Christians we therefore believe we have a duty to argue the case for Western cooperation with secular, moderate governments in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, while at the same time preparing for the inevitable Islamist assault on Christendom itself. Likewise, we go beyond the other Orders’ worthy call for closer relations between Western Christian denominations and Orthodoxy, to argue and work for an end to the anti-Christian and deeply dangerous warmongering against re-Christianised Russia, which is all too common in these troubled and dangerous times.

Feb 2020
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