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Step Right Up & Win a Bitcoin: Synopsize Last 3 Months of Essays

Deep CaptureNov 26, 2019, 6:27:53 PM

Originally posted on 11/20/2019 by Patrick Byrne

I will pay a prize of 1 bitcoin (worth ≈ $8,200 as I type) to the person who creates the best <250 word synopsis / explanation of the story I revealed since I left Overstock.com in August. Here is how to enter:

Read the 29 stories below;

By noon (Utah time) December 18 2019, write the smartest synopsis / explanation you can write;

Post it in the submission form at https://www.deepcapture.com/contest

Entries must not exceed 250 words, and will be chopped at 251;

I am open to proposals in the comment section below on these uncertainties:

Shall I will winnow entries down based on truth-content, then run Twitter polls to select a winner? If so, I will need to find some voting mechanism to choose the best entry (or entries).

One person having spoken up for “all or nothing” and none opposed, we will make it “all or nothing” for 1 BTC.

As I indicate, I have uncertainties about the couple details of structure the contest. I will read your comments and we will co-evolve the rules of this contest together. But two things are fixed: I will supply prize money of 1 Bitcoin, 100% of which will be given to the winner, and submissions have to be made by December 18 noon in Utah (we could make it “midnight Singapore” or something but let us base it off Utah). I will come up with some way for the public to select the truth at that point.

I will send the winner 1 Bitcoin.

Best of luck,



Post it in the submission form at https://www.deepcapture.com/contest

1. Brace for Re-entry to the World of Deep Capture

2. Maria Butina and I, Part I: Meeting Maria

3. Maria Butina and I, Part Deux: Romancing Maria

4. Philosophy, Poker, & Pigeons

5. What’s Crazier: The SEC or the Truth About James Foley’s Death?

6. On Any Other Day That Might Seem Strange

7. The SEC Cries “Bazoomba!”

8. A Message to My Former Colleagues at Overstock

9. The Big O: A Closing Word

10. Come See the Sausage Being Made

11. So What Did You Think of the Sausage? Vote Please

12. Lights Turned Off By “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Washington Post

13. Sonny Wu is a Four-Flushing Cad (GSR)

14. Message to Matt Yamamoto

15. What is the Deep State?

16. Reflections on Donald J. Trump

17. Conspiracy Theorist Bill Moyers: “Deep State Hiding in Plain Site”

18. “Who is Patrick Byrne?”

19. Reflections on Barack H. Obama

20. When the SEC Leaks, Is the Result Insider Trading?

21. Maria Butina & I, Part III: Betraying Maria

22. Brennan & McLaughlin on Deep State

23. Come Grade Journalist Matt Yamamoto’s $1,000/Year Gibberish-Sausage

24. Rejecting a $1 Billion Bribe

25. Reflections on Overstock

26. The SEC & Me: #MeToo (Part I)

27. Why I Settled the Lawsuit Against the Prime Brokers

28. The SEC & Me, Part Deux: Clusterfuck

29. Reflections on Overstock Q3 Quarterly Earnings