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Mark Marianelli. Dad, Husband, Illustrator & all around great guy! Creative mind & artist behind STAR FETCHED on AppleArcade:

A person who enjoys comics, manga, anime and a video game YouTuber come check out my channel.

Hi! Names Froggo. Im here to share my love of Anime, Comics, and sexy dancing! I think you are rather Handsome so subscribe to me ok please. 🐸❤🍻

Artist & comic creator. Fan of Coffee, Lovecraft, Comics, Sci-fi, MMA, Tacos, 80's & 90's stuff, The United States Constitution, #ComicsGate

Watching our new Overlords kill independent thinking one Tweet, Youtube Video, and Facebook post at a time. Morons need not apply.

Free speech & liberty Anti-🇪🇺 & anti-☭ 香港獨立 - Free Hong Kong #ComicsGate 🐸 "Si vis pacem, para bellum."

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Founder of Conquest Comics. Creator of Xenotype and Wonder Island. I sell comic books and make people rich.

Comic book Penciller, Inker, Colorist, Writer. #anime & #manga artist & Graphic Designer. [email protected]:

We're all mad here. So why not have a laugh. At someone else's expense of course. Check out my GEEK CHORUS YouTube channel for #Comicsgate song parodies! (just pretend there is a link here like I know wtf I'm doing) More to come! Or not, you never know do ya?! Keeps things exciting innit? #Twitterarepoopyheads #FandomMenace

South Dakota, United States
Jan 2021
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