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CEO, dabbler writer, wannabe mechanic from Italy. I'm a patriot and proud of it. I talk about #Italy, #Gothic, #Castles, #Cars, and #Motorcycles. 💻 FIGHTING THE WORK 💻 When I work, I'm a Software Engineer and a pre-2k #linux and #opensource sustainer. I founded a company where literally everyone uses Open OS & Software. I'm also in strong opposition with the politically-correct conformism that is poisoning IT sector today. If you voted Trump or Salvini and you're proud of it, that's just fine. ✒️ PASSIONATE WRITER ✒️ After midnight, I'm a passionate #gothic, #horror, #swordandsorcery, #sciencefiction writer who tries to do his best to create something unusual, gore and emotional. I've a free-published, sold-out book, his sequel ready to be published and some short stories on my portfolio. I'm open to collaboration and looking for someone who can help me translate my work from Italian to a good level English: I could return the service. 🔧 HOBBYIST MECHANIC 🔧 I like old #cars and #motorcycles, especially american-made vintage cars. I take care of my '68 #Chevrolet #Corvette and I love to drive it, despite the Italian gasoline price (1.6€/litre!); I've got a '74 #MVAgusta 125s also, an Italian motorcycle quite rare to see today. 🥆 LONG-TIME SHOOTER 🥆 Despite EU and lefties daily attempts of deny my good-citizen rights, I'm a #gun collector and a practical #shooter from when I was 18 years old. I also never killed anyone at college. 🇮🇹 JOIN MINDS ITALY 🇮🇹 Italian-speaking group https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1036289175213072384
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