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SOMA FUSION RADIO BY SOMA FUSION MEDIA LLC A program hosted by Katie Kamara that explores and interviews the biggest names in the industry; the frontiers of consciousness, spirituality, personal growth the emerging paradigms in psychology, health, various sciences and innovative philosophies that reflect commitment to the advancement of individual, social and global awareness. Listeners will discover that there are no rules to follow or methods to learn. Being in the moment can transform even an ordinary circumstance into a profoundly moving experience whilst living in the moment. SOMA FUSION- MIND, BODY & SOUL LLC Katie is the Founder and Head Coach of Soma Fusion, a personal coaching firm dedicated to helping everyday humans, explorers and entrepreneurs who are committed to making an impact in the world. As an executive life and leadership coach, entrepreneur and traveler, clients have referred to her as a guardian angel and inspiration for their dreams. A prolific international author in self- help, her mission is to help clients build a life beyond “Should” that allows for more self-expression, abundance and authenticity than ever before. SOMA FUSION ACADEMY The height that a man or woman can take their success is dictated by their self-mastery. Self-mastery; a discipline around learning, self actualization, and personal growth. High levels of self-mastery are always focused on expanding their own abilities to create extraordinary results in their lives. Self-mastery is not about perfection, and it’s not about the destination. It’s about your growth on your journey. Katie Kamara (also known as Katie Neely and Katherine Anne) is an 12 time Published International Australian-born American Multi-genre Author & Poet, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host/Producer/Audio Engineer, Indie Film producer, and Co-Founder and Business Consultant of Neely Worldwide Publishing/Neely Productions Inc and The Global Enlightenment Radio Network. Katie Kamara, BA, PCC, AP, DM, ABNLP, ABHYP, HonPhDM (MULTI-DISCIPLINARY PRACTITIONER OF PSYCHOLOGY & ALT. THERAPIES) BA in Social Work, HonPh.D Metaphysics, Life Coach Practitioner (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology), Professional Certified Coach (ICF- International Coaching Federation), (IEA -International Enneagram Association) Accredited Professional (AP), C.Psy Modern Applied Psychologist (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology), Neuro-Linguistic Programmer ABNLP/ABHYP (Assoc & Masters; Certified Member by the American Board of Hypnotherapy & the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapist C.Hyp (CTAA Member), Psychotherapist C.PSTP (CTAA Member). Professional Counselor C.COUNS (CTAA Member), C.CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology), Corporate Adviser, and Civil Celebrant.
we all say we know the answer, but do we understand the question?
To help keep this world sane.
Oct 2020
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