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Cartoon artist, religious, conservative, idealist, introvert

Programmer, Amateur Photographer, Graphic Designer

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Poet, INTJ, agreeable/openness/introvert

Hi I'm Joe! I am a visual artist. I work in a way that can be as confusing to some as it is intriguing to others. I believe in those not so ancient bohemian ideals of beauty and that beauty is a thing to strive for as well as something that bears the weight of galaxy's and gas giants. That weight is equal to if not lesser than the library of feelings in a true love's eyes. Are we all riding the momentum from the big bang? Is that 13.7 billion year old explosion still happening? What is the process of single cells evolution into complex organisms that can speak love, wage war and harness earth energy to their will. Is it "their" will at all? Some of my paintings are simple and light but many of them are full of swirling energy and narratives written in a language of motion. The images that can be found in them are based on each individuals past experience, breadth of knowledge and current state of being. Regardless of what you see in many of my paintings now, I promise later they will reveal themselves even more.

Sep 2019
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