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Hi I'm Joe! I am a visual artist. I work in a way that can be as confusing to some as it is intriguing to others. I believe in those not so ancient bohemian ideals of beauty and that beauty is a thing to strive for as well as something that bears the weight of galaxy's and gas giants. That weight is equal to if not lesser than the library of feelings in a true love's eyes. Are we all riding the momentum from the big bang? Is that 13.7 billion year old explosion still happening? What is the process of single cells evolution into complex organisms that can speak love, wage war and harness earth energy to their will. Is it "their" will at all? Some of my paintings are simple and light but many of them are full of swirling energy and narratives written in a language of motion. The images that can be found in them are based on each individuals past experience, breadth of knowledge and current state of being. Regardless of what you see in many of my paintings now, I promise later they will reveal themselves even more.
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Hello and welcome, my name is Mike. Galway is the 2020 European Capital of Culture. To celebrate Galway City's natural beauty, amazing ancient stone bridges and buildings, rich culture and colourful history, I have taken over 200 photographs and present them here. Pub Art.. I have delved into the wonderful nooks and crannies of Galway City's pubs and photographed the artworks and photos on the walls, My apologies for the poor lighting quality on some of the photos which is due to overhead lights reflecting off the glass frames.. I have taken photos at The Galway City Museum of historical artworks and photographs showing life at The Spanish Arch, The Claddagh fishing village and Eyre Square and I am very grateful to the museum for allowing me to display them here. I hope you are able to browse through the collection and enjoy the unique charm and festive atmosphere of this lovely city. Faces. A mix of faces from days gone by and my modern, abstract creations. The vintage faces are not my own. Over the years I have kept a scrapbook of drawings/sketches inspired mainly by "The Old Masters" from library art books. I have tried, without success, to identify the original artists. Perhaps an astute mind will be able to. I have identified three women from "Les Demoiselles D'Avignon" 1907 by Pablo Picasso (110 artworks.) Celtic Jazz. These are not my own original designs, but adapted from and "jazzed up" versions of ancient Celtic designs. (50 artworks.) The Azekundow Collection. This is a collection of about 450 of my artworks, divided into four categories. Stoned Stones (20) These are Picasa 3 enhanced photos of the early spring flora and the amazing ancient stonework that is everywhere, in and around Galway City. Home Style (172) This is a miscellaneous mix of various styles. Dot Style (140) I have combined pointillist and impressionist techniques to create what I like to think is my own unique style. Celtic Style.(122) These are not my own original designs, but adapted from ancient Celtic designs. All my paintings are done with acrylic paint and brush on paper and "enhanced" with Picasa 3. If you have some free time, scroll down and browse through the collection. I welcome any feedback, so leave a comment/critique in the dialogue box. I hope you enjoy my art. Mike. @azekundow
Sep 2019
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