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Alternative health brings you mother nature's approach to wellness. Our underlying principles cover healthy diets, weight loss, fitness, stress management as well as pain management. Let's educate you about health, what your family needs, and support your body's capacity to heal so that you can avoid and minimize the risk of illness in the future. Let's get into it!
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(at)protonmail.com #Merlin was given to me as a nickname when I was young, so I figured I'd keep it a while longer. If you don't mind thinking minds I don't mind and minds aren't mine to mine on #Minds. The world is now managed via intellectual cowardice. People's minds are not only a non-compensated monetized #asset for marketing, tech and data companies. People's minds are purposefully decompensated #instruments utilized by those companies and institutions which hope to never be mandated to compensate them. ... a true non profit entity. #Minds needs a "Mute" button because you may not dislike the account you want to mute enough to need to "block" it. It may just be "over posting" on your timeline/newsfeed.
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