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Far Right Hindu Influencer Fighting For a World Without Terrorism. I refuse to live with Those who want to behead me.

its fun to see humans ignore me just by looking at my Avatar name, but the truth is i want to avoid such narrow minded psychos. Baboons pick each others ticks to keep a good rapo with each other, while humans kiss each others asses, thats how we got over and over again and again same type of shit useless social network websites. Fighting with the evil of is a futile waste of time.So i had moved on to Diaspora social, so "come find me when you wake up" ;-) But new features of Minds seem good so i am BACK. *---------*---------*-----------*--------* i dont gamble so i dont use the FUCKING TOKENS Here , so go ahead vote me down as you wish, Minds is a Gambling website so sooth yourself ; i am not a gambler, i am just a thinker with pure original thoughts.

Thoughts of an independent man who loves to express common sense opinions mixed with humor and goodhearted fun. * Gay yet a father of 4 sons * Freedom lover * American Patriot As the Declaration of Independence says - Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of a penis. I love male beauty, classical music, politics, golf, arthouse films, hunting, fishing, shooting, and conservatism. A word on my lexicon - *Moronnial (millennial) * Fecesbook (facebook) * Demoscum Party (Democrats) * Muslime (Muslim) * Obarmarx (guess who?) * Filth (left wingers in general) Feel free to send me a message and I shall reply.

Militissa of Aragon During ancient times in both Britain and France, women of the Celtic civilization were regularly known to be great warriors, and sometimes notable military commanders or leaders of whole armies. The most famous of ancient female military leaders was the Celtic “Warrior Queen” Boudicca, who commanded an army based upon her skills and authority as a Druid High Priestess. In the 12th century, the Order of the Hatchet was created by the Count of Barcelona in 1149 AD, for the women of Tortosa in Aragon, who defended and freed the city when the battle-worn men could not find reinforcement soldiers. The women were all made hereditary Dames of the chivalric Order, and thereafter were treated as female military “Knights”. They were given the titles of ‘Equitissae’ (from ‘Equites’) and ‘Militissae’ (from ‘Milites’) The earliest use of the title ‘Militissa’ as a “female Knight” was the Order of the Glorious Saint Mary founded in Bologna, Italy in 1233 AD, and approved by the Vatican in 1261 AD, until it was suppressed by a later Pope in 1558 AD. In France, other chivalric Orders of women were founded in 1441 AD and 1451 AD, granting the French title ‘Chevalière’ (feminine form of Chevalier) or the Latin title ‘Equitissa’. Continuing into the 17th century, the female Canons of the Monastery of Saint Gertrude in Nivelles were “knighted” with the titles ‘Militissae’, and were given the accolade of dubbing with a sword at the altar. #Christian #Christendom #allah #islam #muslims #stopislam #pedoprophet #stopislamification #terrorist #islamisevil #MuhammadTheFalseProphet #IslamicTerrorists #Terrorism #IslamicTerrorism #Knight #KnightsTemplar #Templar #MilitissaofAragon #Crusades #Faith #Honor #HolyCross

Jun 2021
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