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I am a World-Changing Revolutionary choosing to create Global Systems of Governance and Resource Distribution that Serve All Life and the Planet Earth. I am an Ambassador for the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty. We are the answer to every challenge we face as the human race.

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God Bless the republic. May freedom reign for generations to come.

I believe there is more than Politics & Religion to Social Media that is why you will find I share and post things other than Politics and religion not saying you won't find me posting or liking/upvoting politics and religion posts. you can also find me on My Art:

Look up, wake up, stand up!

Just a small-scale homesteader and permaculture design consultant.

Just your ordinary Snowy Owl. Volunteer Firefighter --Interests-- Anything involving outer space Video games, regardless of platform Local Food movement organic gardening Military Role Play

Destin, Florida, United States
Jun 2015
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