Freedom is extremism in a world of tyranny. Producer of liberty/philosophical concept meme/art
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Indipendant Truth seaker and journalist. I am a conscious, incarnate aspect of the creator of all existence, born into this duality of love and fear! and I recognize you as the same! I choose love and forgiveness OVER fear and hate ! If we each plant a seed the garden will grow again ! love and light !
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Seeking truth in a world of nonsense. We have 3 divinely inspired writings that we must lean on. The Bible, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I reserve the right to be wrong. I'll correct it and thank you for the knowledge that I have gained. I like words ALL of them! I will use them ALL! http://www.howtowinincourt.com/?refercode=WC0055 Twitter: @nonsense_planet Gab: gab.com/nonsense_planet Pocketnet: https://pocketnet.app/nonsense_planet?msocialshare=true&ref=PSmXPnr8xAVZ24mv2mXjV6MA1snCZcmJmT
Constructor - Musician - Objectivist - and much more for you to find out!
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TruthHunter William Casey, 1981 CIA chief (to staff) We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes... is false EVERYTHING!
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