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Began career in the sports department of the Pasadena Independent. Spent good portion of my life in racetrack in publicity jobs coast to coast. Was a jockey agent for a short span. Established a rep as an investigative reporter, dealing with illegal drug use. Continued to monitor illegal drug use in all of sport on retirement. Jumped all in when Trump promised to fortify our porous southern borders. Have been employed by the biggest horse racing gambler in the world since 2013, monitoring live venues.

I am an internet specialist, a grandfather of the BBS age, and was a hobbyist ISP in the 90s. My wife and I love animals and we are active guardians trying to save as many critters as we can. Warning, I will sling honest four-letter expletives to express myself. I'm a Constitutional libertarian that believes God gives us our rights, NOT the government.

I AM JARV. Founding fathers spoke of a painting with a sunset/sunrise.. Ben (I believe it was) asked, is it a rising sun or a setting one.. in 1776 it was rising. And what about NOW? The West is Ending.. Or is it REALLY?http://www.jarvemail.wixsite.com/jarvnetwork AND http://www.rumble.com/JARV8

Art of Michael Fulcher
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Artist, USA. I mostly paint , draw art and fantasy pictures, DM or e-mail [email protected] commissions are open! For prints and Original art, go to https://linktr.ee/flogan80

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