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Novelist, Poet, Navy Veteran, Cyn's Shadowland
location_onLas Vegas, Nevada, United States
Hi Everyone I am writing this now as an introduction to what is to follow. I am a musician, breeder of exotic animals, a cabinetmaker, chef, entrepeuneur and most recently a crypto-blockchain-junkie! I as well as all the aforementioned tags a lover of tech and have been involved with computers since the Tandy 5000 was brought into my house by my father. I learned how to program in basic writing line based text adventures while enjoying games of tank and pong with my father. marvelling of the new technology that was introducing me to hi tech games like ZORK and later the original Ultima.. decades later after a near death experience I had decided to persue another career path and ventured into IT certification. finishing up a long arduos certification program i was ready to venture into the workforce excited to make a name for myself in cybersecurity only to be confronted after the first few resumes flew from my email to perspective employers with the reality of COVID 19. dpoing what I thought was best for myself and the ones I love I headed to a remote area in VT to shelter from the virus and quarauntine with my loved ones in relative peace and as worry free as one can be without a steady income. During my schooling in IT i became more aware of the concept of the Blockchain. I was aware of blockchains and cryptocurrencies before but with a bit more knowledge about cryptography as well as the need for privacy I got hooked and hooked hard! It started small i scraped together whatever I could and purchased my first miner, Then another, then another. I began to realize there may be a problem. Soon I had graduated to asics, no it didnt stop there christmas came and so did the motherboard for my GPU miner. I started coding my first blockchain. That is what has brought me here.
Writer of Action and Adventure Tales
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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Nov 2019
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