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Hi, I'm Lord Buxworth. I live in Germany, and I am a history student and an aspiring history teacher. I write about interesting episodes and people from history and I'm always open to suggestions for things to write on. I always research my topics first and I give references. As I'm from Germany, I will write alot about German history, but not just German history and since the university library in which I do most of my research is in Germany references will often be in German. Enjoy! If you're more into politics than history and more into German than English, check out my German Minds Account:
I am me. Nothing more.
Schizophrenic butterfly
Hello my name is Justin! I am married and I have a cat named august:) I like to read, journal, meditate and dream. My goal is to master dreaming, in such a way that I can exist in them and be aware. I am going to be posting my dreams when I feel they warrant a post, I also will post some pictures and memes I make! Have a lovely day ;)
Jun 2018
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