Christian, Programmer, Tech Enthusiast, Gamer, Center-Right Conservative. Self Improvement and Learning. I love learning new skills and studying to gain new knowledge. Presently I'm learning Spanish on Duolingo. I keep my mind fresh with the Elevate app. I'm working through courses to learn new programming langues and concepts. I'm also into road and mountain biking and hiking. Gab: Bitchute: Telegram: @DCKarres
We Are Part of This Universe & We Are in This Universe But More Importantly The Universe Is In Us!
AUTHOR, ENTERTAINER, SCREENWRITER FREE SPEECH ZONE RACISM FREE ZONE Dear Friends, Having spent my entire life over the rainbow, I write... As to claims that I'm the only man in history to have secretly squatted in a functioning bank, I will for now leave that to the realm of speculation. #ExoticBooks #ExoticMovies
#random ...I post anything I damn well please I’m from the Midwest area USA
I love cryptocurrency and i do ICO reviews on new and exciting blockchain projects. I share my personal view based on the data i could find. Follow me for your daily ICO Reviews.
Keto recipes & weight loss ###💪💪💪 Follow me for free ❤❤ keto.hacker Thank you for watching ! like or share to your friends ....... follow me for great recipes! Thank you for watching, like or share with your friends ....... follow me for great recipes! What a great way to start the day, Just watch the video you can create this great dish. good luck!
Aug 2019
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