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Don't just lurk 馃憖 Be social 馃 I'm a simple person and I appreciate simple things 馃崝馃帲馃毚鈥嶁檧锔忦煡攫煆栵笍馃た I value love and interpersonal relationships above all else. I'm not right or left 馃檯 I just want everyone to be free and happy 馃槞 Live and let live. I'm very interested in the DeFi movement and I know that crypto, NFT's and the digitization of everything is indeed the future of human society. - Free Spirit - Seeker - Gamer 馃幃 Like my stuff? Wire me a token 馃檹 Notice 鈿狅笍: I do not automatically reciprocate a sub.

Spreading the Good News I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

I enjoy looking at the female form. I believe women are God's gift to this world.

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A Collection of Beauty! ***Viewer Discretion Advised***

Erotic Engine
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Providing the best NSFW/porn content.

The Burden of Erotic Minds
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Erotic Poly Kinky Dominant Male Like/Comment/Remind If you like the content feel free to send Wires If there is content you would like to see but don't, message me and let me know. Have questions about KINK, BDSM, Polyamory, Types of Play, let me know.

#ALL I enjoy all things beautiful. With that said, there is way too much strife, turmoil, bad news, etc. in the world these days, therefore, instead of dwelling on those things all the time, take a few minutes each day to gaze upon the beauty of women to briefly take your minds - no pun intended - off these things for a little while. If you enjoy these pictures consider subscribing to see more daily.

Dec 2019
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