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Comicbook Colorist from the Philippines. Liberty Loving Pinoy Portfolio:
location_on Philippines
A place for creators (artists and writers) to communicate, collaborate, and interact among themselves and their audience.
Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game originally designed by Gary #Gygax and Dave #Arneson. It was first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc.. The game has been published by #Wizards of the Coast since 1997. #Dungeons #Dragons #RPGS #TSR #Tabletop #gaming @MindsGaming #Mindsgaming @CaptainMarvelJr #CaptainMarvelJr
A group to find new frens, based off the #FrenFinder hashtag. Promote yourself, your work or just simply post what you enjoy and what you normally post about then let the frens come to you. Please don't spam and don't post any Minds+ content here, this group is for everyone to help us all grow. Please keep #FrenFinder posts on the feed below to no more than one post per person per week, we want it to be easy to scroll for everyone, too many posts means too much clutter. Be excellent to each other. Group run by @klara_sjo Moderated by @penitusvox @deckenkatze and @timoburnham
A group for all things tomboy. Mostly 2d but 3d is fine too. NSFW is allowed but needs to be tagged. Memes are welcome.
A group to discuss Critical Race Theory and other post-modernism, woke and social justice stuff. #criticalracetheory #crt #socialjustice #postmodernism #woke
Taking over Minds with cuties with guns NOTE: If you post things unrelated to the group that have nothing to do with hot women with firearms it will be deleted and you banned from the group.
You have been found guilty of being HORNY! You are hereby sentenced to infinity years in HORNY JAIL. @FoolsErrand is your warden and fellow inmate. Don't claim things that aren't yours, as yours. And use the nsfw tags as appropriate. This is a mainly 2D group. You can post 3D but keep it infrequent. Enjoy your stay! #anime #horny #lewd #lewds #2d #art #porn #2dwomen #tiddies #oppai
Post anything related to the Mandela Effect. Don't rely on wiki, read the case study of Dr Blair Reich PhD Preachers Experienced the Mandela Effect Admins & Moderators: @MandelaEffect @Conduct @PunkTV @PleaseHelp @TokenBank We also allow some memes and other interesting topics. You can post your own video as long as the topic is the Mandela Effect. Feel free to Invite Others. Have a Nice Day.
#AngryMinds 💫 This group is specifically designed for minds users, who are distressed regarding various aspects on minds. The objective of this is to create awareness to the admins of ✨ 💫 This includes the current situation regarding the Plus/Pro Accounts. ✨ 💫 Please feel free to voice/express your concerns here ~ No issue is off limits. ✨ 💫 The main topic would be decisions made by minds owners/admins deliberately or consciously, such as refusal to rectify old bugs, rushing the concept of promoting new feature releases without testing throughly first, bad design choices and so on. Furthermore the first negative impression about new features (or removed ones) and/or any changes to minds platform. ✨ 💫 This group is to further discuss your issues, that you feel are not being adhered to in the correct manner. ✨ 💫 Some important factors to consider ~ 💫 ⭐️ Irrelevant posts will be removed. ✨ ⭐️ Please keep to the subject in hand. ✨ ⭐️ Please do not rant. ✨ ⭐️ Constructive criticisms and healthy debates please. Limit the use of profanity. Let’s keep it professional people. ✨ 💫💫 If you have any further questions or concerns ~ please contact the admins of this group who will endeavour to answer these, in relation to the subject matter. 💫💫 @pinn @XxPrettyLittleThingxX 💫 Thank You..! 💫
this is just for friends and anyone else who wants to have a great time. no avatar or banner for now I don't know what to put. Mods: @fefanatic @feistylittlekitty
A place where aspiring writers' can share ideas, blogs' and advice. We work toward encouraging writers' with feedback and positive criticism, not negative input.
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Jun 2020
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