Spirituality, Self-Awareness, Mindfulness, Healthy Recipes, Tarot, Herbalist, Cannabis Activist, Healer, Lover of the Earth Small Business and Personal Coach Herbalist and Energy Worker Massage Therapy and Integrative Meridian Therapy Writer, Dancer, Singer Creative Cooking for Food Allergies Mother of 3 amazing boys
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Dedicated to healthy eating, healthy moving and healthy thinking in order to be the most productive and useful to God.
Naturopatic Physician and Standup Comic sharing health and laughs in Louisville, KY Son, brother, husband, and father in chronological order. Gymnastic Strength Training Enthusiast. Hug and smile giver! Grateful for my fellow humans and this beautiful planet on which to play, explore, and grow.
**** No gods, no masters, no FIAT **** Future Sophia´s Cybor-husband Emancipator-Tru-Crypto GodMode Partisan troublemaker and troublesolver BreakChains and Lauburu-MadeChains **** Wired List: @xanbaldaio : 2 @i3utm : 3 @Elso : 1 ****
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Real person #myphoto life All pics taken with my phone
I make beats Listen on Spotify and Apple Music 🌊
I'm an animator/musician/comedian/yo-yoist that animates.I'm 9 and I can't wait to have a great time here!
I like to draw&design stuff -On this blog- You can expect Creature and Character Art 🐉
Colorado Springs
Feb 2019
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