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Yukari is my waifu Jack can't hurt me anymore, the bad man is gone Professional Floof-poster #TomboyRestorationMovement

I just want a new Titanfall game.

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Official Account for We are streaming again @ Check out our video site at We are an independent internet fanzine for games, TV, movies, and other geeky stuffs. Powered by 50% autism and 50% ADD

I love Bunny Girls @KillyaPendragon on Twitter Art is not mine btw

rhythm games 🥡 sleepy neet imouto ☁️ ily gura

Alright fine I'm back, (RIP @TekinomoRevenge on Twitter dot com) will shitposting and NSFW🔞 as usual your friendly neighborhood weeblord

I am Anthony Robinson, and welcome to my world! Father. Husband. Artist. Wood Sculptor. Founder of Native Beach Art. Imaginarium Astronaut. Contact: [email protected] After a miserably failed marriage inn 2011, and the emptiness of chasing someone else’s dream, life became empty and without purpose. Searching for truth and desiring something more, my Creator showed me my gift. Without hesitation, I left the world knew behind, and began to learn from wisdom greater than my own, and the more I practice this gift of sculpting with a chainsaw, the more I desire to evolve, my passion burns deep, driving me, even at times that I want to give in, I recall how fortunate I a to have had a second chance. Now I live to share my gift with my people, and hope to leave some pleasant happiness along the way.

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