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Awakened Conservative Patriot Open PGP Fingerprint: 2C22 DADD F73F 9861 A809 10CB 87E5 07F2 3A9B 6FB9
#AllLivesMatter or #NoLivesMatter......... Also I don't support the left or right, just so you know... Just here posting memes and funny videos. I don't down vote or block users, you're free to act silly, it's a free speech platform :)) but you're definitely sure I won't pay attention to your silliness, at my age I am way past petty adolescent behaviors. Lastly, I identify as "DEMIGOD".
Brasileiro, acredito que imposto é roubo e que o Estado é uma gangue de mafiosos. Sou a favor de liberdades individuais e adepto do principio de não iniciar agressão.
Espaço criativo de um aprendiz de escritor 🇧🇷
Teach and Learn Life,s Lessons.Make Things Batter
I'm just a simple man trying to make my way through the Galaxy.
This channel posts the most interesting things to keep this world as interesting as possible.
The Valpey Clan on Minds My daughter and I co author this profile. We like to talk nerd stuff, politics and guns. We also post gaming videos, family activities and art. We are by most accounts about liberty and free speech, completely against censorship beyond calls for violence. Check out the YT channel at Valpeys Gaming and the twitch channel at Bakerthelo13110
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