Collectible Card Chick

Cash App: $CollectibleCardChick Chick who enjoys Collectible Cards! I like to open vintage and current Pokémon, Yugioh & much more!
Memes and things
Filmmaker, photographer, director and writer based in the Netherlands
Just your crazy Merc with a Mouth! 
Artist of manga style illustrations.
Designing and hand crafting woodwork of heirloom quality.
I am to make friends on minds and help people. Please don't give me a down vote unless it is a good reason. If it's not just don't do anything at all please. I could always just block you if you don't have a good enough reason for down voting my content. Please everyone have a great day. We are on minds after all. We are a team!
Illustration - graphic design - logo and band artwork Entertaining the world with tunes, some laughter and some words of wisdom ( at least, if I manage to find them...). Draftsman of short comic strip sories, illustrations, band artwork. Advocating for firearms, weapons in general, libertarian-ancap-anarchomonarchist ideas, systems theory, upgrading economics to a hard science by integrating the hard sciences, beer and grilled meat.
Mar 2022
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