Ciprian George Purcaru | visual artist ☛ Multimedia installation, Photography, Digital Art, Illustrations, Sketches, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings.......
Best way to read interesting news, learn new things, find help, tips and tricks about gardening, growing food and much more! Dare to explore about our Nature- dare to Love our Nature! Original Images of nature are always allowed here. Max of 5 posts a day for non original posts of topic related posts. Community Chat Room: --- This Group would like to remain independent to the “system” if you report my users in this area follow the terms of service and block and unsubscribe from my that user immediately and leave this area, this area is run by @MindsGaming --- #Outdoors #MindsGaming
Helping to decorate the hallways of minds, feel free to join ,upload, indulge & post; boost if you're feeling flush.
🔞 A place to share Art's pics but don't forget to mention the author if you know the name. If it's not a painting, choose a more appropriate group! Artistic photos : Moderator : @LaRevolutionEstEnMarche I delete publications not related to the topics of this group. Please avoid low quality images, blurry, or pixelized pics Thanks specific media and support media only. Get creative, Minds! #MindsImages tag required #minds tag advised #art tag recommended All off-topic posts, self promotion and spam will be deleted. Blocking an admin is also not permitted so do not do it. Self promotion must be discussed with @FretzCapo via pm. #art #gifs #memes #minds #MindsImages
Moderator: @ravalsta Creator: @caotringuyen Thanks for visiting myphoto (Sep 30, 2018) This place stores our great spiritual property on Minds. Rules: 1. Your own photography. 2. Unlimited number of posts per day. 3. No nude photo. Tags: #myphoto #myphotoGroup Thanks for posting. I wish we have a sweet day.
Discover Some Cool and Unusual Art DeepDream is a product of the Evil Goog! Yet the code was made Open Source Software for anyone to implement how they want. There's several websites online for making DeepDream Art and also apps for both Android and iOS. This Art is a digital enhancement of one image by another image i.e. photo or art print, to create a new, enhanced image. DeepDream Art is made by using the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to make decisions based on your Parameters which the A.I. then 'Dreams'' and runs the code to perform the placement of various parameters throughout the image. Please use Tags for your posts here. ==============///////============= #DeepDreamArt #DeepDream #Original ==============///////============== Moderators: @Fractalizer & @BrandyD 🚫 No spam 🚫 Decorate Your Channel with our art!
This is the preeminent Pro-Crypto group on Minds which caters for the celebration of all things crypto including but not limited to related news, memes and further eye candy. * Admin is a Toxic Maximalist Bitcoiner. Deal with it. * No spam * The sidebar chat can be used as a live chat * You are further encouraged to comment on each other's posts as much as you like for daily mutual Minds token benefit Group created by @newshoundza Welcome! 🥃 #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptomemes #cryptoporn
All types of #Photography. #PhotographyGroup Group Owner: @Thyers Rules: 1. No inappropriate content. 2. No SPAM/Advertising/Monetised 3. 2 uploads per hour 4. Direct Link to non original work only 5. No videos (Time lapse allowed)
American comic-book writer, editor, film executive producer, actor and publisher. He was formerly editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and later its publisher and chairman before leaving the company to become its chairman emeritus, as well as a member of the editorial board. #StanLee #Marvel #Comics #Animation #Superheroes #EXCELSIOR @CaptainMarvelJr #CaptainMarvelJr
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