Chibi Titan

Special Thanks To: @sharkissbadart for wiring 3 tokens! :D Tiny studio with big plans.
3D art, animation, video games, "cosplay", memes and monas chinas
If you'd like to purchase a copy for my book, you can find it here (si te interesa una copia de mi libro, encuéntrala aquí):
Making scifi/vampire computer RPGs...
Glyn in Monster Land & Campbell's Crossing. A busy dad bringing pure escapism to all readers young and old.
I try to put word together until they become a compelling story?
Anime, Manga, and Tokusatsu Fan and Evangelist, Amateur Artist, The world's most flawed and awkward Idiot
Founder of Phantasmic Games. Learning how to make cool games! Follow to stay up to date with the progress!
College student at SNHU working on BS in IT. Interests: System/Network Admin, Alt Tech, Computers, Casual Gamer, Video Creation and Editing, Digital Art, Photography, Self Reliance, Homesteading, Traveling
Composer for Sector Six, Light of The Locked World, Ephemeron & more! Level 34 Bardbarian
Jan 2021
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