Seeking intelligent conversations about science, religion, and politics. Visit my blogs and My name is Darren Williams, and I am a Physical Chemistry Professor. I am passionate about PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY! You may not know what that is. But you know about pressure, temperature, volume, energy, light, solids, liquids, gases, polymers, plastics, glasses, etc. Physical chemistry is the study of the mathematics and theories of all this and more. That is why my online name is pchem4all, and my science blog is For information on the classes I teach check out my students page: Some international students have remarked that the University System in the USA is much more informal than they are used to in their home country. Yes, but this depends upon the professor. I am very open and informal, so come by my office, send me messages, and feel free to ask me anything. I am very involved in Rotary International. Our motto is Service Above Self! To see how we embody this motto visit Perhaps the most unexpected passion of mine is the logical defense of my Christian convictions. The most common question I receive is “How do you reconcile the conflict between science and religion?” This is one of the topics discussed on the SHSU Chapter Blog of Ratio Christi – a student organization focused on Christian Apologetics, and on my personal apologetics blog ( where I discuss what I believe and why I believe it. Last but not least, I am passionate about STUDENTS. It is for this reason that I am Faculty Advisor for three student groups – the J C Stallings Chemical Society (which is affiliated nationally with both the American Chemical Society and the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering ), the SHSU Chapter of Ratio Christi (which is affiliated nationally with Ratio Christi – a Christian Apologetics organization ), and the Lutheran Student Fellowship (which is affiliated with Faith Lutheran Church and School and is active intermittently whenever a critical mass of Lutheran students wish to organize). What have I missed? Did this spark a question in your mind? If so, comment below while it is fresh. (Even though I reference my campus involvement in this post and on MINDS, the opinions expressed on are my own and do not reflect the views of Sam Houston State University.)