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Sketching for fun

Politically neutral digital art hobbyist trying to find the fine line between posting memes and doing actual art. i do dnd character art and commissions are open.

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Aspiring Artist

Fallout master 馃槇 new vagas is best no cap 馃挭1000+ playthroughs 馃ザ

I'm not very good at these bios thing. Primarily, I'm an illustrator, however, I've gotten into blogging about the regressive left and a good friend suggested I should attempt to do videos and write blogs focusing on the regressive left. And to come here because of the demographics is very open to this. So, here I am. I do have a Twitter and Facebook account, however it's tied to my other name and my other business and I'm trying to separate that from this. So, I'll need to create another Facebook page or something.

Comic Creator of GUNSHIP THUNDERPUNCH & WILLIAM THE LAST. I've also done GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, DOCTOR WHO, and other stuff! |

Just some wandering jerk. I don't really do stuff artistic or anything like that, but i am just a simple idea guy. But do check out the artist who do stuff for me.

Steve, Always
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Husband, dad of three, salaryman, needs coffee. Artist, sometimes-gamer, and just whatever. Pay what you want in tokens for ideas you give Commission me for dollars DM me about literally anything. Really! I do art as a hobby and for hire. I do garage game development. I know LOTS of IT development stuff from the last few decades.

I'm shy but nice... hello (麓锝メ礂锝 ) To be a place I post my doodles & homebrew (TTRPG+Fantasy mainly)(strictly sfw) **COMMS ARE OPEN CHECK PINNED POST**

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in the feels

Ciel of Studio-Aegis
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A freelance artist driven to producing a higher form of Fantasy Horror. Learn more about my ongoing creation "Crimson Dames"!

Squishy Banana Productions
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Hi I am Matt McCarthy, people call me squishy round here I am a 3D Artist, Mod author, occasional shit poster and future indie game dev. Come to my channel for minimum politics, shitty jokes and memes and great art both mine and stuff I remind.

Jan 2021
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