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Scientist, Biotechnology, Health, Permaculture, Vitamin D.
Maker, Internet drifter. Professional rule breaker. Producer on #LouderwithCrowder. Member of the #FandomMenace. Art by @xeviuss
Absurdity is freedom of thought. Humor helps us all to meet in the middle. I am not a cat. Lvl. 1 Jester, random commentor, appreciator of tech, memes, and art. Subscribe if you need a laugh and have low comedic standards. I'm also procrastinating on starting a cult.
Miniature painter. 3D printer of stuff and things for tabletop games and miniature hobbyists. MADE IN USA!!!!
Illustrator, comic creator and satirist. Creator of Kamen America and Black Hops: USA-*-GI
Thinking of something to put here.
Jan 2021
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