Where We Go One We Go All

Married soul mates with two dogs and a baby on the way running a smallholding on a remote island in Orkney. We love making homebrew, feeding chickens and foraging local beaches!

No one special, just one who is effectively significant.

Scottish female who is a bit weird. Bookworm and closet geek. I enjoy reading comics.

Aerialist, horror fan, weeb, and 80s enthusiast from Chicago, IL. My life is a bit of a trash fire. I'm single, still live with my parents, and work retail for a living, but hey who's counting? I post about movies, music, retro trash, and internet culture but try to keep it light on the politics.

Norwegian patriot fighting FOR freedom of thought, expression and speech, and freedom FROM the EU, Islam, other leftist muppets in Scandinavia. We who have this view are seen as Nazis and racists, all we want is to feel safe and know that our women and children are safe to walk the streets from the migrants and other scum from the Muslim part of the world

Oct 2020
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