Creature Double Feature

Creature Double Feature was a syndicated horror show, broadcast in the Boston area during the 1970s and 1980s.

I'm a Liberty-lovin' dude! I ended up mainly posting Dollfie Dream photos to my Channel. Well, life is unpredictable like that sometimes!

The government is not your friend, it sure as hell isn't your daddy.

Award-winning artist, colorist, and writer. Currently working on Relentless and Body and Soul.

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I'm a huge supporter of open and honest dialogue. Minds and Ruqqus are the only social media platforms that I'm supporting. I enjoy funny memes, horror talk, pro-wrestling, UFC, gaming and fitness. I occasionally throw out some Minds+ content in the form of blogs. The primary topics for blog content are the #Halloween / #MichaelMyers film franchise and #WWE / #ProWrestling.

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#Subscribe #Remind #Entertainment #Comics Topics: current events, news, commentary, entertainment, anthropology, creature, crop circles, cryptozoology, divination, entertainment, discovery, supernatural, folklore, government, labyrinths, legend, radio, archeology, monster, mystery, myth, paranormal, conspiracy, internet radio, aliens, ruins, science, urban legends, strange, UFO, & the unexplained

Hi, I’m Chris, and welcome to my Minds page. I’m a freelance illustrator living in the Philadelphia area, and a graduate of the Tyler School of Art. My specialty is creating fantastical characters, creatures, and settings for the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I am open to all projects, but am particularly interested in illustrating book covers, roleplaying and board games, and packaging. As well as creating concept art for video games and miniatures. See my Portfolio at: I’m available for commercial freelance projects. Message me with a description of your project for a quote. I’m also available for personal commissions, see prices and guidelines here:

Clown Cam
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This is a channel with a smattering of Political Commentary, News, How To, Satire and a few surprises.

The CD List Guy is working on a mostly-covers music podcast called "Covers and Others." He hopes to bring more obscure versions of less than obscure songs to tens of people nationwide! Already hired to do the DJ duties is the also obscure Matthew the K, who will regale all with song trivia and dumb jokes.

Hello there and welcome! Isn't this place great? I agree. While you're here, let's connect about everything. I'm going to post videos and blogs about films and politics and a lot where they meet in the middle! Thanks for coming to my minds and Support me if you can because getting off the corporate teet and making content for the people is my dream! 👕 MBS Shirts! ► 🎬Amazon! ► 📺Minds!! ► 🐦Twitter! ► 🌎Blog! ► 💥Cashapp ►$theynostaydead

Crimson Delilah
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Aerialist, horror fan, weeb, and 80s enthusiast. My life's a bit of a trash fire. I'm single, still live with my mom, and work retail for a living...but hey who's counting? I post about movies, music, retro trash, and internet culture.

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Jan 2021
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