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鉁℉ello! Thanks for checking in on my page. I mostly post cats and memes. Let鈥檚 be frens!

A person who enjoys comics, manga, anime and a video game YouTuber come check out my channel.

I鈥檓 38 sick of the man giving me the business so I鈥檓 taking the power back

Em y锚u m猫o, m锚 blackberry phone v脿 r岷 th铆ch xem c谩c tr貌 h峄 ch铆nh tr峄 :)) #catlover

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I used to be a Twitter user like you, then I took an arrow to the knee. Locked down in California. I like 3d art. I play video games. Thanks for visiting!

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Hey, I'm white and orange (very unpopular right now), about 1'5 (ear to paw), and all Feline. I am available for photoshoots (nude only, no fashion) and modeling. I am also interested in adverts and video/film (DM me for hourly/daily rates... starting at four/six figures respectively). I will not work with dogs or politicians (both tend to leave me puffy...). I'm also involved in a serious relationship with the bunny across the street, so... no, I'm not into you and no, I won't do private parties.

This ID, I just like to post about my family cat. If you love it. I want to say thank you to you. 鉂も潳

Welcome! Please remember to wipe your feet. Not intended for young children. Parental discretion is advised. The serious stuff I post stuff about: Space, spirituality, art, technology, history, philosophy, world events, self-sustainability, outdoorsmanry, gardening, and creative writing. The not-so-serious stuff I post about: Animals, jokes, memes, general shitposting, trolling, music, other funny/fun stuff. Remember that every day you manage to do something fun, and something productive, is well spent. Prepare, Produce, Prosper. Fatherland, Work, Liberty.

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Jan 2021
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