An entrepreneur.
My balls make my spinal errectors errect
Liberty-oriented but not really libertarian. Vegan for the animals (no interest in the 'vegan community'). Non-denominational theist. At the moment I mostly lift weights and listen to Ukrainian black metal.
A kid from third-world country.
Abracadabra... Hocus-Pocus!!!
Love to learn!
🔥❤️🙃 Updates coming doon to this page......But first, smile with me 😊 Great! It costs nothing and does wonders. Truth. I may not be fully utilizing the freedom granted by this site for a while (in regards to sexually censorable content, at least) Rather, I'll avail of the freedom offered to push and see how far I can take my story here. I live on the streets here in Medford, Oregon. It's really not Dreadford's ok in its own way. So look hither for truths, tricks, tips, hacks, and entertaining misadventures! I invite you to tag along on my continuing journey... 🔥🎤☠️🐰🙃🚬 #noregrets #medfordhomeless
Accounting & Financial Professional, Student, Thinker.
Hi, my hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Galveston Island architecture, roofing jobs, and other cool stuff
Oct 2020
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