music producer, dj, environmentalist, psychonaut & co-creator of several psychedelic underground events in Norway.

The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the spirit of the oppressed, to his oppressors, only the struggle will emancipate you. If the oppressors of the system oppress our people, then they are not surprised that one day we are all their oppressors. Freedom begins or ignorance ends, each reader is a step forward for freedom , and a step backward for dictatorship. Freedom is a boundless privilege of borders, whose transgressions inevitably lead us to reap the boomerang effect. In the world, freedom of expression is not used enough by those who have the means to use it, its damage . The World Summit on the Information Society has placed the fundamental rights of the human person as the foundation of the Information Society

#random ...I post anything I damn well please I’m from the Midwest area USA

Just another day being the ultimate dude! Cannabis lover Graffiti enthusiast Picture takerer

Sharing the Best Cannabis Photos🍁

Everything enthusiast. Here you'll find autos, news, memes, gaming, and cannabis culture.

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Aug 2019
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