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I post a mix of history, opinion, art, politics, and music. And pirates - because who doesn't love pirates. Individualist. Engineer. Anti-censorship. Liberty. Self respect. Strength.
location_onNassau, New Providence, The Bahamas

Anarchy Minecraft, Gaming, and Tech Nerd

I'm Robert Leija and I create a mix of Line Art & Pointillism done both traditionally and digital. Utilizing those particular skills I create unique abstracts, original creatures, and strange atmospheric landscapes for you to download and color however you please. Come and join me on my endeavors. -Rob

IT Admin, Game Dev graduate, musician, car enthusiast, poet, gamer, and jack of many other trades. "Humility is the first step to tolerance."

I'm the artist formerly known as Let’s Talk Vampirella aka Vampirella's husbando - a fan posting my interests in art, classic monsters, film, anime, comic books, science, political thoughts & some very spicy hot takes. I am staunchly pro-1A & 2A, along with being anti-censorship. Please understand that I don't suffer fools gladly.

This Channel Is Dedicated To All Things In Relation To The Infamous Planet X

I’m a cosplay seamstress, gamer, anime lover & vender of free range, organic memes...

A father and daughter writing team. I post flash fiction regularly along with photos. Every Wednesday I post a #WeeklyWritingContest for everyone. If you like what I do a donation of tokens or money would help a lot.

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Artist / Writer, caretaker of kittens, Hentai Artist 🔞 Subscribestar: PIXIV:

Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas
Jan 2021
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