Overworked broke ass digital artist
Believer of Christ✞ and have a massive love for Anime. PSN:XAndrew01X
Husband, father to one, lover of video games, anime, and manga. CEO of Fiction Freedom I also stream casual games over at http://www.twitch.com/finalmasterm/ I block minors. I share NSFW content. Fictional Characters, Fictional Problems. #pervertpride
got sketchy line art. trying and failing to learn Swedish. closeted furry. built to implode.
The adventure and science of precision rifle marksmanship. Premier outdoor shooting sports instruction in Texas Hill Country, just an hour north of Austin. https://atxprecision.com
We left social media and minds this summer for service called line chat https://line.me which is hosted in japan, taiwan, philippines, korea, thailand. PM me for finding me offline.
NSFW 🔞18 years or older only please. I am here to like and retweet stuff I like, that's about it.
Official Minds account of Sutorippu!, the Japanese Strip Game Database. https://sutorippu.com Currently rebuilding. Enjoy our bad takes on ecchi anime, occasional lewdposts and other nonsense.
semi professional shitposter, mommy milkers enthusiastic, full time retard , CLUSSY commissaire , possible eldritch abomination
Just your normal teen (minor) here to start an art career or something, watch as my art grow from crappy to decent! I post mechas too and repost indie comics! :) Formerly blackanimegurl on Twitter
Jan 2021
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